The Samaya's beautiful chic beachside setting allows you to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze, as well spectacular sunsets.


With the ocean as backdrop, the breeze as symphony, SPA at The Samaya will offer treatments inspired by the ocean.


A pre-arrival e-concierge, to help create the ultimate, unique vacation experiences. Exclusively available on our site for direct bookings only!


Who's who

My clear objective with preparing this Who's Who list is to give you the opportunity to know who your either speaking or dealing with. I intended to keep it a little loose and not too serious, but we do take your enquiry and subsequent business very serious.

My team and I are very dedicated professionals who are here to serve you, so, if we can be of any assistance, please contact anyone one of them, or me.

Many thanks for visiting our website

Christian Gerart

Surya Perdana

Name : Surya Perdana
Role : Executive Chef
Email :
Department : Food & Beverage

Description :

Chef Surya with his wide and comprehensive experience brings to Samaya a repetoire for all tastes, any special dietary, unusual or regular requests may be directed to him. If you who are seeking special menu arrangements or just a little culinary assistance during your stay, he is the right person to contact.

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