The Samaya's beautiful chic beachside setting allows you to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze, as well spectacular sunsets.


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Price : 810 K++
Time : 60 mins

A rhytmic oil massage with warm herbal oils. Impurties and toxin are released from the body. Circulation is stimulated with a deep calming experience for the body, mind and sprit.


Price : 1,340 K++
Time : 90 mins

An hour of rhythmic oil massage using warm herbal oils followed with 30 minutes of shirodhara oil flow for deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit.


Price : 880 K++
Time : 60 mins

This Indian Ayurvedic oil flow treatment focuses on the third eye area to clear the mind and promote deep relaxation, acting as gateway to total rejuvenation and relaxation for the entire body. Begin with deeply relaxing Ayurvedic streching, followed by the Dhara oil flow therapy. For twenty minutes, a gentle stream of warm aromatic oil is poured onto the third eye chakra of forehead. An uplifting and inspiring way to relax and rejuvenate.

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    With the ocean as backdrop, the breeze as symphony, SPA at The Samaya will offer treatments inspired by the ocean