The Samaya's beautiful chic beachside setting allows you to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze, as well spectacular sunsets.


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  • バリ島はインドネシアの他の島とはまた少し違った文化の島ではありますが、地元の伝統、文化を尊重し、着る服などにも気を配りましょう。バリ ヒンドゥーのお寺(祠)敷地内に入る際には、ショートパンツや、ノースリーブなどを避け、バリのサロンなどを購入されてもいいかもしれません。バトラーやフロントオフィススタッフにお気軽にお声かけください。
  • お寺や美術館、また撮影されたい時には一言声をかけるマナーを守りましょう。
  • 人差し指で人やモノを指差すのではなく、手を広げて表現したほうが丁寧です。バリ島の文化では右手で握手をしたりものを食べたりします。またモノを渡すときには両手を使って敬意を表しましょう。
  • 子どもも含め、人の頭を手で触ることは避けましょう。バリ島では頭は魂が宿る場所と考えられており、人に触られるところとは考えられておりません。
  • 地元の人と会話をする際、かなり直接的に結婚や仕事など個人的な事柄について質問されることがあります。これはバリ島では普通のことですので、あまり感情的にならず会話の流れに任せたらいいでしょう。
  • バリ島では手を繋いだり、抱き合ったり、キスしたりを公共の場所でするのは一般的とはされていません。ただし同性の友達同士が話をしながら触れ合うことは普通です。
  • 大変な状況の場合でもバリ人は更なる対決をさける為に笑顔を見せることがあります。これは平和な島の住人が人々を頑なに保守するのではなく、明るく歓迎をすることを望んでいるといえます。
  • ビーチなどでのゴミは持ち帰り、再利用できるものはしてください。
  • インドネシア政府から保護されている動物、植物などの情報は protected animal and plantation または IUCN red list などで確認してください。
  • 水筒などをご持参の方は、レストランスタッフに無料レフィルをお願いしてみてください。
  • 正面上部から僧侶の写真を撮ることは禁じられています。また儀式の最中、お祈りの人たちの前を通ることもご遠慮ください。
  • 考古学的物品の売買はインドネシアの法律に違反しまますのでお気をつけください。
  • 限りある資源を大切に。空調、水道、タオルなどの使用を今一度ご確認下さい。
  • 地産のもの、サービスなどのアドバイスは地元ホテルスタッフにお任せください。


Simple Phrase Sentence : 使えるフレーズ


おはよう – Selamat Pagi

こんにちは – Selamat Siang

こんばんは – Selamat Malam

いかがお過ごしですか? – Apa kabar?

ありがとう – Terima Kasih (インドネシア語) – Matur Suksma (バリ語)




The Samaya Seminyak proudly take participation Earth Day by each commitment to this waste minimization to land field..




Earth Hour is the world's largest grass-roots environmental movement towards action on climate change organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). This “safe the earth” event is celebrated every year in March and involves simple action by encouraging individuals, communities, households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour.

This year, the Earth Hour fell on March 25th and we; The Samaya Seminyak; were more than happy in taking a part in this worldwide movement. We turned off all pool lamps and pumps from 8pm for 1 hour. We also encouraged our in house guests to participate by turning off all unnecessary electricity in their villa. These action successfully saved 226.29 Kwh energy.

This is our small effort to preserve and protect our precious environment.




To honour the earth day as well as doing the Corporate Social Responsibility program, on April 22th 2016 The Samaya Seminyak held a program called “Little Things to Support The Earth” which was participated by management and staff of representatives from all departments.
The program was begun at 07.00 am with an interesting short training of making compost from gardener team. The process of composting started with chopping the dried leaves into smaller pieces then they were put into a container. A liquid which has active organism was added to speed up the composting process. After 2 or 3 weeks, the compost will have dark brown colour and smell nice and earthy. It means it is ready to use. Press Release




The Samaya Sustainability Management Plan

The Samaya Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

"At the Samaya Bali located on the beach and within the fashionable area of Seminyak, we promise to preserve a safe and healthy environment for the island of Bali, its people and visiting guests".

Our Mission:

Through teamwork, commitment and enthusiasm management &staff of the Samaya Bali:

  • Abides by the Green Globe standards, laws, regulations and standards of the     island of Bali, and the Country of Indonesia
  • Annually reviews its performance and improves year by year towards industry best practice levels
  • Gives preference to employing local people wherever possible
  • Wherever possible, purchases local products and services with minimal negative environmental impact
  • Takes on our social responsibility by educating its staff, guests, suppliers and community to build environmental awareness and action
  • Reduces, Reuses, & Recycles throughout the property to prevent and control pollution while supporting the local merchants
  • Conducts continues research in renewable and sustainable energy sources
  • Reduces environmental impacts including energy and water-saving practices
  • Records and tracks operational performance, an essential element of Samaya's effective Environmental Sustainability Plan

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Green Globe is the premier worldwide certification program developed specifically for the travel and tourism industry. The Green Globe Certification Standard provides Hotel and Resort organizations with a framework to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their environmental sustainability performance, through which they can monitor improvements and achieve certification. This year there are 320 compliance indicators and we, The Samaya Seminyak, has successfully achieved a compliance score of 84% for the related indicators. This made The Samaya Seminyak awarded for its Green Globe re-certification for the 3rd year respectively.

Green Globe Policy V.1.7 - Green Globe Press Release

Spreadsheet Samaya Bali 2015 - Certified The Samaya Seminyak Bali 2015

Download the Audit Report The Samaya Bali Seminyak 2015

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